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Wine Brokers - a MO Cellar Selections Company

Founded in 1979, Wine Brokers is one of the first “Wine Exclusive” Sales & Marketing Brokerage companies in the Midwest. Today, the company has included “Spirits” into its marketing platform, and offers services in 42 states through the addition of its Atlantic division. View the presentation below for specifics.

Wine Brokers

is a leader in Regional Wine Marketing, specializing in Premium and Super Premium Wines. Wine Brokers helps client wineries achieve distribution in Top Retail and Restaurant Accounts.

MO Cellar Selections' Wine Portfolio
MO Cellar Selections' Spirits Portfolio

2024 Zerbo’s VIP Bourbon Tasting

Glynn, Jillian, Lee, & Elise

With lots of 300 cases or less, and a penchant for offbeat, as well as mainstream varietals, Chesebro’s production may be small, but the effort is prolific. We are passionate about true varietal expression, as well as preserving the unique voice of each vineyard site, from soil to glass. All of our wines are made solely from our vineyards in the Arroyo Seco and Carmel Valley AVA’s.

National Spirits Sales & Marketing Firm

We pride ourselves with representing family owned, high quality Spirit Distilleries…The kind that speak to serious consumers…The client portfolios are the finest crafted Spirits producers in the world. These client portfolios bring their stories & personal expression. Our clients showcase extraordinary products, people, and ideas whom we continuously build on their successes. These brands are not standard well beverages but are finessed and seek out the most complex palates in the world.

We search for the uniqueness & true trade craft…For that reason we enjoy working with smaller distilleries unlike the mass produced Spirits brands. Our clients focus on the extra percentage of Rye or Barley, the unique chosen limited grains from local farmers and the personal touch of these master distiller’s….

Our goal is to represent family owned, with extreme trade craft partnered with extreme passion…..

Welcome to the fascinating world of Destillerie Freihof in Lustenau!

For over a hundred years, this family-owned company has captivated enthusiasts with its premium spirits and exquisite liquors, crafted solely from natural ingredients. Explore the history of our house and discover our unique core brands. Freihof – where enjoyment meets tradition.

Why Wine Brokers?

Our Marketing Firm relies on long-term relationships and Modern Marketing Strategies to support the Sales Growth of our Clients’ products. We provide great wines to our Customers, and the Wholesale Distributors who place them in the finest restaurants and retail locations.

National Women in Wine Day

National Women in Wine Day is a social initiative founded last year by Renae Perry and Yolanda Papapietro, co-owners and co-founders of Papapietro Perry Winery in California. The celebration takes place annually on March 25th to highlight stories of women in the wine industry. The mission of #WomeninWineDay, is to support women in wine, while also providing a sense of empowerment and resources for those seeking to enter the business.


A Wine & Spirits "Exclusive” Sales & Marketing Brokerage Firm

After 40 Years in the Wine Industry we are the Leading “Regional” Wine Marketing Firm operating out of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, N. Dakota & S. Dakota, and Nebraska and many more.